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Alice Cooper es una banda de harod rock/shock rock, pionera del glam rock, formada en 1964 y logrando su mayor auge en los 70's.
aqui les dejo su discografia:

Killer (1971)

Under My Wheels 2:50
Be My Lover 3:15
Halo of Flies 8:21
Desperado 3:25
You Drive Me Nervous 2:24
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 3:33
Dead Babies 5:40
B4 Killer 7:07

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Love it to Death (1971)

Caught in a Dream 3:10
I'm Eighteen 3:00
Long Way to Go 3:04
A4 Black Juju 9:11
Is It My Body 2:39
Hallowed Be My Name
Second Coming 3:04
Ballad of Dwight Fry 6:33
Sun Arise 3:50

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School's Out (1972)

School's Out 3:30
Luney Tune 3:43
Gutter Cat vs. The Jets 4:40
Street Fight 0:53
Blue Turk 5:33
My Stars 5:49
Public Animal #9 3:54
Alma Mater 4:26
Grande Finale 4:25

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Muscle of Love (1973)

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Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo) 5:10
Never Been Sold Before 4:28
Hard Hearted Alice 4:53
Crazy Little Child 5:03
Working up a Sweat 3:32
Muscle of Love 3:45
Man With the Golden Gun 4:12
Teenage Lament '74 3:53
Woman Machine 4:31

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Billion Dollar Babies (1973)

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No More Mr. Nice Guy 3:05
Mary Ann 2:19
Raped and Freezin' 3:15
Hello Hooray 4:14
Billion Dollar Babies 3:39

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Welcome to my Nightmare (1975)

Devil's Food 3:35
The Black Widow 3:37
Some Folks 4:17
Only Women Bleed 5:49
Department of Youth 3:20
Cold Ethyl 2:56
Years Ago 2:51
Steven 5:46
The Awakening 2:31
Escape 3:27

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Alice Cooper Goes to Hell (1976)

A1 Go to Hell 5:02
A2 You Gotta Dance 2:44
A3 I'm the Coolest 3:57
A4 Didn't We Meet 4:15
A5 I Never Cry 3:43
B1 Give the Kid a Break 4:13
B2 Guilty 3:21
B3 Wake Me Gently 5:03
B4 Wish You Were Here 4:35
B5 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 2:13
B6 Going Home 3:47

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